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  • Versatile software for school, clinic & home
  • 1400 Pictogram Symbols arranged alphabetically and in 23 categories
  • Create educational materials in minutes
  • Easy to Use and Easy to Print
  • Customize within the program
  • Create your own text

  $59.95 USD


  • PictoAction is an animated presentation of 76 Pictogram Symbols.
  • Develop language sequences with PictoAction Symbols

  $29.95 USD

  • Human Voice Output
  • From basic one- word responses to sentence construction
  • Over 200 Symbol responses and over 600 Sentence Options
  • Designed with 6 sections with additional sub-sections for easy access
  • Develop a complete sentence through 3 easy steps



   $29.95 USD

  • This LEXARC designed software provides Speech output using Pictogram Symbols. Other features include the Printing of messages; E-mailing; Customizing the program with your photographs- pictures; and Translating messages.




Coming Soon

  • Pictogram Symbols for Speech & Language; Alternate and Augmentative Communication (AAC); Literacy and Numeracy.
  • This book provides information and ideas to develop individual programs for verbal and nonverbal (hearing and hard of hearing- deaf) students and adults.

$29.95 USD

  • A Story Approach to ‘Word’ Elicitation
    ROSS was created as an evaluation tool that would provide a strong level of interest for the young child. ROSS encapsulates a short story for each ‘test page’ with one bold visual cue (Pictogram Symbol) leading to the next bold visual cue. The conclusion is that there is a greater potential for attention and involvement.

    The package includes:
    - The Evaluation Protocol
    - ROSS Manual
    - Evaluation Form
    - Parent Information Form
    - Report Format

$49.95 USD

  • INTEGRATING COMMUNICATION EXPERIENCES (ICE) “is a customized speech-language program that focuses on the strengths, abilities, likes and “Comfort Zones” of the child/student.
    The ICE Program includes the experiences and preferences of the child and is sensitive to the balance of needs and abilities. The philosophy expresses the successful attainment of a goal based on “What the child/student can do?” to build confidence to nurture the growth of emergent language into expressive language.

    The package includes:
    - The ICE Manual
    - Profile
    - Goals & Objectives
    - Home Program Plan
    - Vocabulary Book
    - Articulation & Language Book
    - Program Guide
    - Report Format


$69.95 USD


  • Ideas & Actions provides a variety of games and activities for the speech and language stimulation program

    Children/students learn from doing and, therefore, activities that are fun and stimulating can become the basis for a rewarding language stimulation experience. The variety of ideas that are provided allow for different activities to be tried and included in the program plan for the child/student.

    This variation maintains the interest and involvement of the child/student in the total program and is used to support and stimulate the learning process. A change in activity creates a new way of viewing the same objective and the results may be very surprising.

$29.95 USD


& Combination

$89.95 USD

  • Your Communication Partner in a medical emergency – when the patient is deaf or hard of hearing; has had a stroke; or has been in an accident and cannot speak or does not speak the language.
  • Pictogram Symbols assist in eliciting pertinent background information to initiate a treatment plan.



 $39.95 USD


  • Each alphabet is emphasized within the context of a short story - about 2 to 3 pages to maintain the interest of the child. The use of Pictogram Symbols emphasizes key elements in the story and allows the child to follow the visual pattern of the story thus, encouraging ‘interactive reading’.

 $24.95 USD


  • Use Pictogram Symbols to practice target sounds and words and then use the stories to encourage the child / student to say the sounds and words spontaneously in ‘conversational speech’.

 $14.95 USD



  • Short rhymes that children would enjoy for ‘learning and leisure’.

 $19.95 USD



  • Posters:
    Wash Hands
    Be Fit
    No Perfume
    Wear Mask


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  • Colouring Pages

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  • An emergency phone list

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